Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful...Day 4

Today I am thankful for modern conveniences. I am particularly thankful for our furnace and for a heater in my car. I do NOT like to be cold. I don't love to be hot, but I can deal with heat better than cold. (I am, after all, from Arizona. Although, I have now lived in Utah just barely more than half of my life!) Yesterday we had our first snowfall of the year. It was beautiful...and cold. SO I'm thankful for warm blankets, warm socks, warm sweaters, and especially for heaters.

Along with heat, I am thankful for computers and the internet. Writing this blog helps me in many ways, and it is a good way to preserve family memories. Because many of my friends and family members do not live near me, I am thankful for blogs, Facebook, email and telephones that allow me to communicate quickly and easily with my loved ones that are not nearby. I am even thankful for my cell phone. I gave in after being called as Relief Society President and got a cell phone (just a cheap one with only unlimited calls and texts and nothing else). I had not had a cell phone in a decade, and I really didn't feel a need to have one. But now that I have one, I have come to depend on it. It is quite a convenience...not really a need, but a great asset.

I am thankful for my appliances that make cooking and so many other tasks (such as laundry) easier. I especially love my Blendtec blender. Love it. But I really appreciate all of my appliances...Alfredo and I have been married 12 1/2 years now, so many of our appliances are that old. My waffle iron still functions but is breaking and doesn't shut all the I can make waffles but they don't get very crisp. Last weekend, my hand mixer made a funny grinding, groaning noise and then shot sparks at me. Can I survive without these and other appliances? Yes. But would I want to for long? No. I am thankful for these and so many other modern conveniences.

And I must not forget my car. I don't particularly like driving, but I am sure glad that I can get places quickly and easily and that my car has been so dependable.

So much to be thankful for!