Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Carnival 2013

Jackson Elementary has a Halloween carnival each year (although they didn't last year.) It is always a lot of fun. This year may have been the best yet. They have food (this year it was a choice of a hot dog or posole...and the posole was GOOD!) They have games. Lots of games. The girls did a cake walk, and Gabby was one of the last 3 left in. And our friend Aelora won! There was a doughnut eating contest and a hilarious game where you had to bounce about 10 ping pong balls out of an empty kleenex box tied around your waist by dancing and hopping. There was a room to find spiders and bugs and eyeballs (all plastic) inside worms (spaghetti) and other slimy stuff. There was a room where you danced with a balloon between two people's foreheads, and a room where you tried to balance the most dice on a tongue depressor you held in your mouth. There was a room where they gave you 3 circular glow sticks that you tried to toss onto a soda. If you got it on the soda, then the soda was yours. The girls enjoyed these games. They also had a door decorating contest during the week, so it was fun to see all their doors.
They had fun seeing their friends there.

But perhaps the girls' favorite part was they had a DJ and the kids danced and dance and played with balloons. Gabby, especially, was having a ball dancing and hitting balloons. She was not the least bit self-conscious which is unusual for her.