Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gratitude...Day 12

Today I am thankful for wonderful eyesight. I have better than normal eyesight with no need for glasses. I suspect when I get older I will need glasses, but I am thankful for such good eyesight right now. I can read signs with small print. I can see things that are far away. It is convenient and helpful to have such good eyesight.

This past Friday, I woke up and found that my left eye was quite swollen on the eyelid. I must have gotten some kind of small infection from something. It was red and it hurt quite a bit. I came home early and took a nap, which helped a bit, and I avoided makeup from Friday until today. Alfredo put saline drops in my eye all weekend. On Saturday, it was still swollen but didn't hurt much anymore. By Sunday, it was a tiny bit pink but not swollen, and a little bit itchy. By Monday, it was back to normal. I am grateful that the itch, pain and swelling are all gone. What a blessing good eyesight and healthy eyes are!!