Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gratitude Day 9

Today I am thankful for music. I am thankful for the role music plays in my life and in my family member's lives. I am not very musically inclined, but I am very thankful that we have had the means to provide our children with music lessons. Michelle loves and is gaining more confidence in the violin. She is so excited because this past week she moved up to a 1/2 violin size and her new violin is a bit nicer and has a bit better sound. She also gets to play a special part in her Christmas concert at school. I am so happy to see how much she is enjoying the violin.

Both Ella and Michelle are improving on the piano as well. They have worked hard to prepare for their piano recital.

They both have wonderful teachers that not only teach them music, but two women who are positive role models and wonderful examples of Christlike women who serve and bless others through their music and through the way they live their lives. I am so thankful for both Linda and Jami and the influence they have on my children. I am grateful that they have teachers who I am happy to have them emulate.

Music brings beauty to our home. It is teaching my children responsibility and time management. It is helping them develop talents....talents that they will be able to use to bless their lives but also the lives of others.

Music is also a great teaching tool. I have noticed that many of my students and also my own children remember things better if I can teach it with a song.

Music can invite the spirit. Music can help us feel closer to our Father in Heaven. It is no accident that our church meetings begin and end with songs.

Michelle's violin concert was wonderful. I blogged about it here.

Michelle and Ella had a piano recital last night. It was held in the chapel at the stake center. Michelle played Minuet in G by Bach and Clair de Lune by Debussy. She got a bit nervous and made some mistakes on the Minuet, but she kept going and didn't get too flustered, so I was proud of her. She played Clair de Lune beautifully. Ella played Sonata Theme by Mozart and Distant Bells by Louis Streabogg. Both songs were challenging for her, but she did so well! She really shined up there. I was so happy for her. I am proud of them both.

I also loved the KitKat piano keys that Jami made as a refreshment. So cute!
Girls after piano recital

Nearly a month ago, Alfredo and I attended the Josh Groban concert. It was my birthday gift to him. We were supposed to have nose bleed seats, but when we arrived, we were reassigned. We ended up on the floor, on the 20th row. It was amazing. His violinist was incredible and we kept wishing Michelle could see and hear him. Josh Groban was funny and entertaining and he sang beautifully. It was so fun to be there together. Our photos weren't great...taken on Alfredo's cell, but oh, we had a great time. So thankful for wonderful music.