Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Day

Michelle and Ella woke up about 8 AM on Christmas Day.  Gabby slept until 8:30.  The rule in our family is that the girls can look in their stockings when they wake up, but they can't wake us up until all 3 are awake, and they can't wake each other up.This year my dad was able to join us for Christmas morning.  He was able to watch the girls open their gifts (and Alfredo and I as well) and join us for breakfast.  He also enjoyed playing a round of Battleship with Michelle as that was one of her gifts.

Some of their gifts included electric toothbrushes that they were able to decorate and personalize, clothing including BYU and Uof U shirts.  (My girls wear uniforms to school...but on Thursdays, they don't have to wear a uniform top IF they wear a college t-shirt.  I am partial to BYU but we will be pleased for them to go to whatever college they choose.  And the U is a good school.  And it's easy to find U they get both.)
They got several games...Battleship, Life, Scrabble.  Michelle got a scooter with light up wheels.  Ella got a makeup and nails kit.  Gabby got a Monster High Doll.  They got a Monster High Wii game and Wipeout Wii game.  There were new clothes and shoes and webkinz. All in all, they were very happy.

It was a quieter Christmas Day than usual.  My sister, Suzy, was in Arizona so she didn't spend the day with us.  Usually we spend several hours at my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Phil's home.  But Phil was very sick in the hospital.  I had planned/hoped to go spend part of the day at the hospital, but two of my kids were sick with colds and I woke up with a very sore throat, so we couldn't risk visiting him and exposing him to our germs.  He was in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day.

So we spent the day at home.  We played our games.  We listened to Christmas music.  We enjoyed time together as a family.  It was quiet but nice.  How thankful I am for my family and for the time we have spent together during this holiday season.  So many memories were made.