Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday Happenings

Here's a summary of some of our holiday events this year:

Gabby got her ears pierced as one of her Christmas gifts. She was a tiny bit nervous before we went, but she was so brave when she got them pierced. She didn't cry. They asked her if she wanted both ears done at the same time or one at a time, and she said one at a time. She didn't even respond when the first one was pierced. She said it didn't hurt at all. I guess after having stitches, getting your ears pierced is a breeze.



AFTER & eating ice cream after it was over:

Michelle had a violin concert at school. My coworker, Polly, was nice enough to take my class for 45 minutes so I could go to Michelle's concert. She did a great job. They played Carol of the Bells, Winter Wonderland, and a song about Ramadan.

I just think this picture of our little Gabby, the red nosed reindeer is so cute!

Santa came to Utility. The girls were able to visit Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Less than a 5 minute wait and free made this a great Santa visit for all.

Santa had to check his "naughty and nice list" when he talked with Michelle. He had to scroll way down the nice list before he found her name...but thank goodness, it was there!

It seemed there was a lot of present opening even before Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, thanks to so many kind friends.

On Sunday, December 22, we were able to attend the Children's Choir Concert. Our friend Kate is in the choir, and it is a beautiful way to invite the spirit. Gabby was tired and a bit cranky during the concert, but Michelle, Ella and I loved the beautiful music.

Another thing about this holiday season that I want to remember is the little mailboxes I bought. They had cute little Christmas mailboxes in the book order so I bought one for each of the girls. The mailboxes came with cards and envelopes. The girls wrote countless notes to each other. Gabby learned how to write "I love you" and has spent the past month writing I love you notes to everyone. I love that (most of the time) my kids get along so well and play well together.

It was one of the best holidays I can remember. So much love, joy, and peace.