Friday, January 3, 2014

What did the fox say?

Right now, there is a song that's popular floating around the Internet called "What did the fox say?" One clever kindergarten teacher at my school read The Gingerbread Man to her class. Then each child colored a gingerbread man. On the bulletin board she put up a river with all the gingerbread men. On the other side of the river was a fox with a speech bubble, "What did the fox say?"

One day I heard Gabby singing "What did the fox say?" Then she was singing about other animals and what they say...cow, pig, horse, etc. Some are in the song; some aren't. Then I heard her sing: "What did the dad say? "You're grounded. You're grounded." I laughed. Then I asked, "What does the mom say?" Without missing a beat she sang, "Go to bed. Go to bed."

Guess you know what this mom and dad say.