Friday, January 10, 2014

photo shoot

My incredibly talented sister, Becky, took photos of my kids and I while we were in Arizona over Christmas break.  Alfredo wasn't with us (he had to work), so we didn't get family photos, but she took great photos of my girls.

I love Gabby's sassy but sweet personality.

These next three are very special to me.  They are photos of Gabby and her cousin Hannah.  They are only about 6 weeks apart in age.   Hannah was diagnosed with autism.  Through intensive interventions, changes in diet, and biomedical treatments, Hannah has made significant gains.   She is able to interact happily with Gabby much of the time.  Her improvement has been nothing short of miraculous, and I loved watching Gabby and Hannah play together.   My sister is an incredible mom that also blogs about her journey to help heal Hannah.   (See the link above.).  I love the photos of these two precious, curly haired girls.