Monday, January 13, 2014

Trip to AZ

My posts are a bit out of order chronologically...but oh well.

My children and I were able to spend a week in AZ during Christmas break. We drove down (well, I did the driving! by myself! I hate to drive so this was an accomplishment for me!) on December 27th and returned on January 2nd. My sister Rebecca and her family were also in AZ visiting my mom and stepdad. It was a wonderful chance to visit and spend time together. It was worth the long drive.

The weather was GORGEOUS. During the day it was in the 60's and 70's. I really think I live in the wrong state! :) My kids spent much of the time playing outside with cousins.

We went to the park. In fact, we went to three different parks on 4 different days. Along with swinging, slides, monkey bars and other regular park activities, we played Kick the Can, and we played Superhero Tag. Superhero Tag is quite fun. You pick a superhero ability (for instance, you may freeze people or turn them into a duck where they have to flap their arms and quack. You may have the power to get them trapped in oatmeal. You may have the power to make them begin spinning in a circle like a tornado. You may have the power to use their power against them (reflective power). After each person picks a power and announces it to the other players and demonstrates what it does, one person is "IT". The person who is it then chases others, trying to tag them. However, any person can use their superpower anytime another person gets within a few feet of them. If they use their power on you, you must suddenly do whatever the power requires (such as drop to all fours and bark like a dog OR shake like you've been hit by lightning bolts) for 3-4 seconds. Then you can continue running. If the person who is it tags you, you are now it. It is hilarious, and much of the fun comes from thinking up new and creative superhero powers.

We had a huge silly string war in grandma and grandpa's back yard.

We painted.

We snuggled with grandpa. Hugged and danced with grandma. (A tradition started by MY grandpa back when my sisters, cousins and I were all little.)

And the real kicker. Something that I am POSITIVE none of my neighbors can say about how they spent their New Year's Day. My kids ran through the sprinkler...and then picked sweet peas from grandma's garden and ate them. Sprinklers on New Year's Day...that is the life!!

Are you jealous? I would be. :)