Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Old Friends

While I was in AZ, I was able to meet high school friends for lunch. It was so fun. I only get to see Kara, Kerie, and Charity every 2-3 years, but I love being with them. And Kaylee is in AZ right now, so she came along. And this time, we had a couple of extra friends (Jenny and Kitty) join us that I haven't seen since shortly after high school ended, nearly 20 years ago. (Ack! How can high school have been nearly 20 years ago?! I feel about 25-30...not rapidly approaching 40.)
We met for lunch at a place downtown called Taco Guild. It used to be a church and they have kept the old stained glass windows, the decorations and even the sign that announced that week's hymn (it now announces the day's special). The food was great, but the company was even better. We talked and laughed and told stories about our jobs, our families, and our lives. It was great to catch up. I felt grateful for Facebook that has helped us keep in contact over these past few years, and grateful that I made the long drive to see these dear friends.

I was also so impressed when near the end of the visit, Kaylee, (who is also a member), invited them all to go to the temple open house for the Gilbert Temple with her. I don't know if they will but she explained the purpose of the open house and briefly why temples are important and said that she would get tickets for anyone who wanted to go. Such a great missionary opportunity, and I was touched that she took that opportunity. I know I can do better at being a missionary.