Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School Night/First Day of School

Jackson had their Back to School Night on Thursday, August 21.  I had a Relief Society activity that night so we went to Back to School Night quickly and then headed home.  Ella will be in fourth grade with Mrs. Darden.  She will also have a Student Teacher this year (whose name I have forgotten.)
 Gabby will be in first grade with Miss Finerfrock (English) and Ms. Mary Lou (Spanish).  Ms. Mary Lou just had surgery on her foot and she will be out for the first week or two, so she wasn't at Back to School Night.  But we got to see Miss Finerfrock and give her the Teacher Survival Kit we made her.

Michelle is going to Hunter Elementary this year for 6th grade.  She is very excited.  Her homeroom teacher is Mrs. Pate, and Kate and Olivia are both in her homeroom.  Hunter doesn't have a Back to School Night, so I won't get to meet her teachers until SEP's.  

The first day for all of us was Monday, August 25.  Here are the first day of school photos.