Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This Place is For the Birds

No, quite literally...Tracy Aviary is for the birds. And we love it! We enjoyed visiting the aviary on a Tuesday afternoon with our Pass of All Passes. The girls were amazed by the huge pelicans. On this trip, we went the opposite way from our normal path which allowed us to see the birds that we usually see at the end on our way in.

The girls enjoyed feeding the ducks.

We were pretty amused by this guy who followed us along the fence.

Uh-oh!  It's Ellafish and Gabafish for lunch!

These two looked as if they were kissing.

Look!  It's Blue from Rio!

I think the Scarlet Ibis is so pretty.  And I'm not sure I have ever seen them up in a tree before.

When Gabby got tired of walking, Ella gave her a piggy back ride.  Ella is almost always willing to do this even though Gabby weighs almost as much as she does.