Saturday, September 6, 2014


While in St. George, we were able to see a show at Tuacahn with my aunts, uncle and grandpa.  We saw The Wizard of Oz.  I hoped my children would like it, but I wasn't sure.  But they LOVED it!  They did get pretty tired near the end, but it was such a great show.  I liked that it was kind of a mix of the book and the movie (we listened to the book on CD last summer)...and they had added some real humor and a few pop references (like referring to Simba in the Lion King).   It was amazing!!   I hope to go back again next year or if not next year, then soon.

Even though we were there to watch The Wizard of Oz, my girls wanted their pictures taken in the Little Mermaid cutouts.

Gabby, my grandpa, Elaine, Brent, Diane