Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

On Wednesday, August 12, we went to the Ogden Temple Open House. My dear friend Brenda and her daughter Aelora were able to come with us.  I felt the spirit as we watched the video explaining why we build temples and what they are used for.  The temple was so beautiful and peaceful.  Ella and Aelora held hands through much of it and whispered to each other...hopefully at least a bit of their whispering was related to the temple.  I wanted to spend a bit more time in the tent afterward, reading the displays but the girls were anxious to be outside and to head to the Treehouse Children's Museum.  I hope that Brenda was able to have the spirit touch her as she was inside the temple.  She asked a couple of questions, but not much.  But I am glad she came.

I took many more photos on my phone, but I can't figure out how to download them onto my computer or upload them to the internet or anything...so I am not sure I can share any other photos.  If I figure it out, I will add them.