Monday, September 15, 2014

Zion's Canyon, Day 2

On Saturday, we headed back up Zion's Canyon on the bus.  We went clear up to the last stop to do the Riverwalk trail.  Michelle and Alfredo took off at a good speed and the two younger girls and I walked along much more slowly.  Overall, it was a nice hike, but near the very end, Gabby was done.  I hadn't eaten enough and my blood sugar level dropped rapidly and I began feeling very shaky.  I couldn't carry Gabby, and she and Ella were starting to whine...and there was no cell service to contact Alfredo.  I got a bit worried.  I had a snack in the backpack I was carrying and ate that...we took a rest and I told them to push on just a bit farther and thankfully, we made it to the end of the trail where there was a river and lots of places to wade and play.  And we found Michelle and Alfredo.  So it all worked out.  Thank goodness.

Ella, Gabby and I saw this darling little frog as we were hiking.  It was tiny but so cute.

After this  hike, we were pretty tired and hungry and we had seen most of what we really wanted to see.  We headed back down the canyon and then to our car and headed home.  We had a great time listening to music, talking and spending time together before we headed back to school.  So glad we took this trip together.  Oh, how I love this handsome, funny man that is my husband and these three girls that are my daughters.  I am so blessed.