Monday, September 1, 2014

Gabby's Birthday Day

Since Gabby has a summer birthday, we were able to spend the afternoon at Hollywood Connection for her birthday. (And since we have the Pass of All Passes, it was almost free. What a deal!)
We rode the rides.

Michelle and Ella both enjoyed the bumper cars.   Gabby didn't want to go on them, so she went in the soft play area.

We also went miniature golfing.  And we played some arcade games.   It was a fun afternoon.

Gabby got two new outfits for her birthday, including the one she is wearing in this picture.   For dinner that night, she chose where we ate.  We had Carl's Jr.   It was  a fun birthday for our sweet six year old!

A few facts about Gabby at age 6:
She loves to eat:  sweet red and yellow and orange peppers, watermelon, nectarines, almost any fruit
She hates to eat:  cooked vegetables
Best friends:  Sofie, Alyssa
Favorite toy and show:  My Little Pony
Loves to:  Sing and dance when no one is watching...but does not like an audience
Just started learning:  to play the piano.  She really likes it so far.
Gabby has superbly curly hair, that at times is a bit unruly.   She is so cute and funny; she seriously cracks us up all the time.  She will be in first grade this year.  We are so grateful that she is part of our family.