Tuesday, January 13, 2009

fabulous five

Gabrielle is now five months old! Here are 5 of the things I love about her:

1. I love her laugh!!! I have decided that a baby's laugh is the greatest sound in the world. She is ticklish and laughs when you tickle her. But she also thinks that Michelle is hilarious. Last night, Michelle was standing on the edge of the tub and then jumping into the tub (with no water and with me right next to her). Gabrielle was laughing hysterically. Michelle really gets her laughing.

2. I love how she grabs onto things and holds on tight...my finger, toys, her pacifier, her bottle.

3. I love all the cooing sounds she makes. She is very vocal.

4. I adore how her face lights up and she gives me the biggest grin ever when I walk into the room or get within her line of sight.

5. I love how she curls up against me to go to sleep. She is so sweet and such a delightful baby.