Sunday, January 18, 2009

squash and bananas and carrots, oh my!

So about a week ago, we started giving Gabrielle squash. She wasn't so sure about it. We tried it for 4 days and then decided we'll try it again in another week or two. But Alfredo wanted her to try bananas. She loved them. I mean loved them!!! However, she got a terrible diaper rash. I don't know if she ate too much or if it was totally unrelated or if she is allergic but we decided not to give her any more bananas for awhile. So yesterday we tried carrots. They weren't as good as the bananas, but she seemed quite pleased with the experience yesterday and today. We'll give them to her for a few more days. Then we'll try something new or go back to the squash. It's fun to see her trying and learning new things.