Friday, January 30, 2009

go figure

Tonight Michelle had a little meltdown because her favorite show was not on. So, you might ask, what is my five year old's favorite tv show? Super Nanny. We watched it a couple of weeks ago and she loved it. This week she has asked every day when it would be on. She was so happy that tonight was the night. But apparently it is not on tonight. She was so disappointed. To mollify her, we let her watch her second favorite thing.. HGTV. Are those normal shows for a five year old to love? She has very strong opinions about the houses she sees on HGTV too. It is too funny.

**A couple of other cute notes about Michelle. About a week ago we were talking about scripture stories, or something,and I ended up telling Michelle and Ella about Satan/Lucifer. She is fascinated and has been asking me questions all week. Many of which I haven't known the answer to. Just a few of her queries: Where does he live? Is he real? What does he look like? Does Jesus love him too? Will he ever get a body like us? When will he die and when he dies will he live with Jesus?

A week ago, I was feeding the baby. When I walked into the kitchen, there were a series of post it notes hanging on the kitchen counters. One had all of her numbers written out up to about 20. Then the rest were in Spanish. One said, "Soy, estoy, yo" Another had "ma, me, mi, mo, mu" and another "la, le, li, lo, lu". I find her drawings and writing everywhere these days.

Her school wears uniforms. Friday is choice day where they can wear other clothes. But kindergarten hasn't done choice day all year until last week. In order to participate, the kids have to be there on time each day, have done their homework and have good behavior. Then on Thursday they get a "choice day" sticker that they must wear on their clothes on Friday. Since Michelle missed a day of school last week, this week was her first time for choice day. She was so excited. She wanted to look "beautiful" and chose a very springy yellow dress. She was so happy even when I picked her up after school to be wearing something else. And when we got there this morning, she pointed out what all her friends were wearing. (She was definitely not the only one who wanted to look beautiful...some kids were in their "Sunday best" dresses.)