Saturday, January 24, 2009

return to health?

I think the viruses have just about finished visiting our home. I hope! As I mentioned, Ella was sick a week ago. She was miserable. She had a high fever and vomited and had a cold. She definitely got hit the hardest. But starting on Monday, Gabrielle was congested. By Wednesday, both Gabrielle and Michelle were coughing, congested and miserable. Alfredo stayed home with the three girls on Thursday. Gabrielle was coughing and I was nervous for her since she was so little. She is such a content baby and really wasn't that fussy, but between having a stuffy nose and coughing, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything more than a cold. So Alfredo took her to the doctor on Thursday. Nothing serious; no RSV, flu, or anything. She did have an ear infection though. She's now on antibiotics and still is a little congested, but I don't think she's coughed all day. What a relief!

Despite being sick, Gabrielle still had plenty of laughs and smiles for us all. I took her with me to book club this week and everyone commented on how content she was.