Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School Night

Gabby started a day earlier than the girls. On August 20, the kindergarteners had orientation for 2 1/2 hours. They attend with their parents and meet their teachers and the teachers answer questions and explain procedures and have some fun activities for the kids to do. So Gabby went with her dad to orientation. She liked her teacher, Mrs. Dunn. Mrs. Dunn gave her cookies. Alfredo felt like the orientation was not that useful to him/us since we already have two kids in dual immersion.)

The girls' school had Back to School Night on August 20, the night before school started. That was nice because we didn't know Ella's teacher or Gabby's teachers. Although it turns out that Gabby's Spanish teacher is a teacher I worked with at another school a decade ago. Jackson has a new principal and vice principal. The principal is Ella's friend Zoe's mom. She had been the vice principal. She is great! She and the vice principal have worked hard this summer. They put in benches, added a shade area to the school garden, painted the school inside and painted murals outside, and put up huge signs. The sign in back says "Jackson Cougars" on the fence. The sign in front says "Where Cougars Roar + Students Soar" (and it is translated into Spanish as well.)

There was a barbecue outside and then we headed in to meet the teachers. Here's Ella with her teacher, Mr. Gosain:

Here is Michelle with her teacher, Mrs. Woodring. I apologize that the photos of Ella and Michelle are so poor.

Here's Gabby with her English teacher, Mrs. Dunn. We didn't get a picture with her Spanish teacher, Ms. Garcia. Ms. Garcia was busy talking to a bunch of parents. I did get to talk to her at the barbecue before hand though.

We also made our traditional teacher survival kit for back to school. The girls each gave the gift to their teachers at Back to School Night.