Saturday, August 24, 2013

Letter to Gabrielle as You Begin Kindergarten

My darling Gabby girl,

I truly can't believe you are five already and beginning kindergarten. How did this happen? You're my baby girl who is growing up way too fast.

You are (were) excited and nervous for school. It is your first time going to school every day, all day. You don't know any of the kids who will be in your class. You don't know your teachers. I can understand your nervousness. But your first day went well. By your reports, you made friends with all of the girls and one of the boys. I have no doubt that you will make friends. You are good at making friends.

You are my silly girl. You love to sing and dance, but you don't like an audience. You are so talkative around those you know, but quiet and reserved around those you don't know. You have the most expressive facial expressions. You know what you like and what you don't like. (Although I wish you liked more foods right now. You used to be such a good eater and lately you are so P.I.C.K.Y.!)

There are so many things I love about you. I love your smile. I love how you tell me often that you love me. I love watching you play with your sisters, your friends and also by yourself. I love how you still curl up in your daddy's lap or my lap and snuggle. I love your curly, darling hair. It is so cute...and sometimes so crazy. You sometimes resemble Albert Einstein a little bit. But it's darling.

Your sisters, your mom and your dad adore you. I am sad to send you off to school because it means you are growing too fast. But I'm also thrilled for the new experiences you will have. Soon you will be reading. You will be speaking more and more Spanish. (Or so we hope. After your first full day, you reported that in Spanish class, "I had NO idea WHAT she was talking about." But that night you did "read" a book to me in (invented) Spanish so that's a good sign.)
You will make new friends. You will have wonderful teachers that will love and adore you and will have a positive impact on your life. I think it is a wonderful thing for you to have teachers and other adults that are role models for you, and I'm thankful that the teachers at Jackson are that kind of teachers. You will have field trips and assemblies and do art projects and learn so many things. Learning is a wonderful, exciting thing that will bless your life. I'm so happy for you that you are about to embark on your formal education. I love you so very much and I am proud of you!