Thursday, August 8, 2013

So Thankful

The other day, my girls were in the car and a friend was with us. The girls started talking about primary. (I love how uninhibited children are. I'm reading a book called The Power of Everyday Missionaries. If I could just be more like my children...more like I was as a child... then I wouldn't need to read a book about how to be a better missionary.) They were talking about how much fun it is. Their friend asked what primary is and they said it is part of church. The friend then said that she hates to go to church... she said that it's boring and the women all meet together and talk about the Bible and there's nothing for kids to do. I am thankful for how our church is organized... with sacrament meeting where the whole family worships and learns together...although it is hard when kids are little, I think it is valuable for them to learn to be reverent and to listen. Then primary where they sing songs and learn about the gospel. Now, I openly admit that I have only visited about 4 churches, and only on a few I am sure that there are many churches that actively teach their children. I do not mean to make this negative towards other churches. Just to express thanks for the way our church is organized. I'm thankful for Primary. I'm thankful for the YM and YW programs, for girls camp, for Achievement Days, for Relief Society, for visiting and home teaching and for the other programs of the church that help the church to run smoothly and help teach each of us the truths we need to know to have eternal life. I'm thankful to have that support as I try to teach my children. I'm thankful that there are so many others also teaching them and setting an example for them and having a positive impact on them.

Our Primary Presidency was released a week and a half ago. It was bittersweet. My children and I love each member of the just released Primary Presidency. Sisters Calder, Wiberg, Horlacher and Sorensen have made a big impact on my children's lives. But the new presidency (Sisters King, Harding, Grange and Western) will be wonderful. They got off to a great start on Sunday. Sister King gave a lesson on prayer. She compared it to making a PB&J...that there's a proper order to prayer. So she used her hands and made a PB&J all wrong. Then she talked about the Zoramites praying on the Rameumpton in order to be heard and seen of men and talked about how that is the wrong way... then had a child make a PB& J the right way as she explained the right way to pray. My kids were singing the Peanut butter and jelly song all day and dancing to it. They loved their first day with the new presidency. So very thankful!