Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Fiddle Concert

Last Thursday was Michelle's annual fiddle concert. I was thankful for the nice weather, because the concert is outdoors. It was a bit overcast and not too hot with a great breeze, but it didn't rain. Perfect for an outdoor concert at noon in August.

This year Michelle played Camptown Races, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Old Joe Clark, Cripple Creek, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Orange Blossom, Cabbage and she did the stepdancing to Irish Washerwoman. I'm so grateful to see the progress she has made in the past 2 1/2 years. Not only has she learned and memorized more songs (and there were 3 others that were so close to being polished and memorized), but her confidence has grown. She did not get nearly as nervous this year, befor the concert or during the concert. Sometimes when she was playing, she even remembered to smile. (In the past, she has been concentrating so hard that she looks either very focused or sometimes even upset.)

We arrived early enough to get a good spot this year. Another thing to be thankful for.

Michelle is coming to enjoy playing. She doesn't always want to practice. But she does feel happy about her accomplishments and she is willing to play in front of others. She played for family on Sunday when we celebrated her sister's birthday. She's volunteered to do a duet in church in a month or two. My grandpa will be turning 90 in September, and there will be a big party to honor him. My aunt asked her on Sunday if she'd play a song or two, and she said yes.

I am thankful that we can afford to pay for private lessons so she can develop this talent.

I'm thankful that she has a teacher that is a positive role model for her...both as a violinist and as a person. She is such a wonderful teacher. She has high expectations and she holds the children accountable. But she is positive and warm and encouraging.

I'm also thankful that Michelle has become friends with some of the other kids that take lessons and that she interacts with them during group lessons.

What a blessing good music is in our home, and I'm grateful that Michelle is blessed to learn to play the violin and piano.

I'm joining There's Just One Mommy for Thankful Thursday. It's a link up, and I'm excited to participate.