Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gabby Turns 5!!

My sweet baby girl is not a baby anymore. Last Sunday, she turned 5. This coming week, she starts kindergarten.

What happened to this cute little toddler?

She turned into this darling big girl:

Gabby invited the children from her primary class plus a few close friends of the family to join her for her party on Saturday. The party had a clown theme.

Alfredo made darling clowns for each child to take home at the end. (I helped, but the idea and most of the work was his.)

We played some games. First, we did a relay where they had to walk up to a chair and back with a balloon between their legs. It made them walk silly, like a clown.

Then we played "Doggy, doggy where's your bone?" (I know it has nothing to do with clowns, but Gabby likes the game... and so did her friends.)

Then we had another relay race. This time the kids had to run over, put on "clown" clothes (giant glasses, my shoes, one of my shirts, and a silly hat), then take them off and race back. The first team to have everyone take a turn was the winner. (Both teams finished seconds apart.) Michelle and Ella helped the kids get the clothes on.

Then Gabby was very anxious to open presents. Each friend handed their present to her, and she happily opened them.

Finally, we had cake and ice cream, children chose their clowns, and then they played until they were picked up. Super fun birthday!!

On Sunday, her actual birthday, my family (Suzy, my dad, my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Phil) came over for dinner. (We had kebabs, grilled corn, and grilled pineapple, then of course cake and ice cream.) Somehow I neglected to get my camera out that evening. But we had a nice time visiting and Gabby enjoyed opening a few more presents and having us sing "Happy Birthday" to her again.

Oh how, I love that darling 5 year old girl!!