Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letter to Michelle as she begins 5th Grade

My dear Michelle,

I can hardly believe that you are beginning fifth grade. Not to embarrass you, but it seems like just yesterday you were starting kindergarten with your hair short and wearing a Dora backpack.

Now your hair is long, and you are turning into a beautiful young woman.

I am so proud of you. I am proud of how responsible you are becoming. This summer you learned how to mow the lawn. You are becoming a wonderful pianist and violinist. I know that requires a lot of effort and practice. You have also been so helpful when we've had others young children over. You are even responsible enough to stay home alone for short periods of time. On the first day of school, Gabby was very nervous and scared about going to Northwest after school. Instead of going to your class, you stayed with her to help her feel safe and happy. You are a great big sister.

I love to see you outside riding your bike or your scooter. Ever since you were little, you have been full of energy. I hope you continue to run, bike and play. You are graceful and energetic, and you aren't the least bit clumsy like I am.

You have an eye for detail. You notice things. You have specific ideas about how you like things decorated and what looks good together and what doesn't. I've noticed how you try hard to keep your bedroom clean now. You like organization.

Perhaps most important of all is you are kind to others. You are a good friend, and a great big sister. Your testimony is growing and you try to make good choices.

I am so pleased with the girl you are becoming. I know that you will have a great year in fifth grade. When things are challenging, remember: "I can do hard things." Because you can! You are a hard worker. You are respectful and responsible. You are intelligent. Enjoy fifth grade!