Saturday, September 20, 2008

kindergarten teachers are angels

Teaching any age is challenging, I think. But I've decided that teaching kinder (or preschool) would be beyond my patience quotient. I went and volunteered in Michelle's class for an hour on Friday. There are lots of cute kids and they mostly seem pretty nice and good. But they talk and talk and get out of their seats every 10 seconds. Mrs. Pereira seems like a very good teacher and very patient. But boy, spending an hour in kinder made 3rd grade look very good. Most kids can stay in their seats and can do most of their work. So, thank you to all the great kinder and preschool teachers out there. You are amazing!

**Side note: Michelle is very into writing names right now. She writes down all our family and friend's names, some independently and some with help. She has written her friend's name down several times: Iree. I thought she was writing Irene and missing the n. I listened to her and realized she was pronouncing it "Iree" but thought she was pronouncing it wrong too. But when I went to her class yesterday, I found I was wrong. The girl's name is Iree.