Monday, December 1, 2008

FHE: The Plan/Free to Choose

So I mentioned a month ago that I was really going to make a concerted effort to hold FHE. Last week, we had a short lesson on the prophet. This week, we had a lesson on Heavenly Father's plan and on our agency. We talked about Christ's plan versus Satan's plan and how in Christ's plan we get to choose. I asked whether they like to make choices or be told what to do. We talked about some of the choices they get to make (what outfit to wear, what toys to play with, etc.) and also which choices are good and bad (listen to parents/not listen, go to church/stay home, hit others/be kind to others, etc.). They had a page to color and they actively answered questions and really seemed to grasp the idea. Michelle even came up with several good versus bad choices to ask Ella. We sang "I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me" and talked about living with Him again someday. For dessert, I'd made a cake yesterday. So they got a choice since that was what our lesson was about tonight. They could have cake, ice cream or a little of both. The girls chose ice cream, Alfredo had both, and I had cake. (Although I may have a small bowl of ice cream in a minute.) It was a successful FHE and I really want to continue doing it each week.