Wednesday, December 3, 2008

funny things my kids have said

12/3: On the ride home from school, Michelle was telling me about her day. She got a treat from her Spanish teacher and she told me she ate it at the beginning of after school program. She was jabbering away about her treat and how good it was. Then she said, "Rivka (spelling?) was jealous. What does jealous mean?"

12/3: After getting home tonight, Michelle said, "What day did we do FHE?" I told her it was Monday. She asked when we'd do it again. I told her next Monday. She begged, "Please, oh please, can we do it again tonight?"

12/1: In Michelle's prayer to begin FHE tonight, she said, "Thank you for us to be nice so Santa will bring us lots of presents."

12/1: Alfredo told Ella to sit. She responded, "I'm not a dog.... Grumpy old man." (He did say it a lot like he was talking to our dog.)

11/23: Ella was cleaning up her toys. She was tired and didn't want to clean up. She said, "I can't. I don't have a lot of arms."

11/11 Today I stayed home with Ella. She seems to be feeling much better, but I don't feel great. She looked at me at one point and said, "Maybe you're going to blow up."

11/10: Ella is sick today. She was sitting in my lap and looked up and with her lips in a pout and her big brown eyes on me, she asked, "Is I going to die?" (I, of course, assured her that she would not.)

11/5: Janene was watching Ella and Gabrielle while I was at work. Janene had just finished feeding Gabrielle. Ella said, "Now you have to pet her!" (Of course she meant pat, to burp her.)