Monday, December 8, 2008

holiday fun (so far)

Finally, I am getting into the holiday spirit. We decorated our house the day after Thanksgiving, but that didn't really get me into the spirit somehow. But this weekend it finally came. On Saturday we went to Zoo lights and on Sunday we decorated gingerbread houses. I bought two gingerbread house kits (2 different ones) and Alfredo helped Ella and I helped Michelle. We should have done it the other way around. Alfredo is much more skilled at creating gingerbread houses than I am and Michelle is much more particular about how hers looks. She kept saying, "Do it like Daddy. Daddy's is better." And Alfredo wanted Ella to put her candies on perfectly when she just wanted to plop them all over. So from now on, Ella and I do projects like this together and Michelle and Alfredo. But we had fun.

Zoolights was amazing! We've never been before. Alfredo stayed home with Gabrielle and I took Michelle and Ella. It was cold, but not too bad. We dressed warmly and we really stayed fairly comfortable. The girls rode the carousel and we loved all the lights. Most of the animals were asleep although a leopard was out pacing around and so were the mountain lions. We also saw the monkeys and penguins and a couple of other animals. But most had gone to bed.

Michelle's house (with help from me)

Alfredo's house (with help from Ella)