Tuesday, April 21, 2009

8 months

Gabrielle turned 8 months on April 11. I'm a little slow posting. I always take a photo with her next to a little stuffed animal each month. This month, I had difficulty getting her photo...she doesn't want to hold still.

I kept sitting her up with the stuffed animal and she would immediately flip forward and crawl away. These two shots are so typical of her now...always on the go.

She now cries when I buckle her into her carseat. She hates being strapped in and unable to move. She loves standing up. She wants to walk so badly. I can tell it won't be long (probably a month or so, but not much longer than that.)

She is beginning to wave and clap. She loves toys. She adores her big sisters. And she loves to eat. Last week I gave her asparagus and she loved it. She will eat just about anything...although she prefers "real" food to baby food now. But she gets baby food at the babysitters...it is easier and I have about a month's worth of jars that I'm determined to use up. She is a delight. I just wish she would stay little for longer.