Wednesday, April 8, 2009

toadally frogs

Monday was family free day at the Uof U's museum of natural history. (Apparently, the first Monday of every month is! Awesome! We'll be returning.) Right now, along with their regular exhibits, they have an exhibit called "Toadally frogs". The girls and I had fun searching for and seeing all the frogs and learning some cool facts about them. Here are a few facts for your reading pleasure.

Did you know that some frogs do not have tongues? They just reach out and grab their prey with their hand and then shove it in their mouths.

Did you know that all toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads? In other words, frog is the big category and only some frogs are toads. Usually toads have stubby bodies with short legs and warty, dry skin. Also, most toads lay their eggs in long strands rather than clusters.

Frogs live almost everywhere in the world and scientists are very worried about how many frogs are disappearing. They are considered a landmark species that signals declines in the environment and problems in the ecosystem.

Different frogs make very different sounds. They had cool little phones where you could listen to about 8 different frog sounds.

Frogs rarely drink water. They absorb water through their skin.

Many cultures have stories or beliefs about frogs. In many countries frogs are considered lucky. In Japan (I think?) they say they see the "frog in the moon" rather than the "man in the moon." Of course, in other countries frogs are connected with witches and magic.

Take a look at this amazing frog as it climbs the wall! (and Michelle's amazed look on her face!) Some frogs have toes like suction cups to help them climb. Other frogs have webbed toes to help them swim. Others have toes like a rake and others like a glove. Each frog has feet and toes that are adapted to it's needs.

One type of frog (I don't remember its name) is much bigger as a tadpole than as an adult. It actually shrinks as it matures.

Michelle's favorite frogs were the red ones and the poison dart frogs. Ella liked the blue ones. I was amazed by the cool frog that was climbing. This was a cool exhibit. I'm glad we went. We then wandered around other parts of the museum and saw some of the dinosaur bones, the gems, etc. There was a cool exhibit about insects but my kids were getting hungry and tired so we didn't stay.