Friday, April 3, 2009

silly sayings

3/30: Ella: When I get bigger I don't want a husband. I asked why. She said she is scared of husbands. She only likes daddy, my husband. She has reiterated this several times this week. When I ask why, she says because she doesn't know her husband. I figure it's okay if she doesn't want a husband right now...she is only three (almost four).

3/22: Ella: This meat (carnitas for tacos) smells like Chester's breath.

3/15: We were talking about jobs Michelle wants to have when she grows up. Alfredo asked Ella what she wanted to be. Ella responded enthusiastically, "I want to be a banana."

2/15: I love this streusel cake Mommy. This is my twoth. (meaning second)... this was funny because I've heard her say second many times before, but she obviously overgeneralized the rule for ordinal numbers...fourth, fifth, sixth, why not twoth?.....

2/10: Michelle's new song (which I guess the credit actually goes to a boy in her class at school): We will, we will rock you. Sock you. Push you in the toilet. Hope you enjoy it." (followed by giggles.)