Monday, November 3, 2008

Ghost of Halloween Past

Halloween this year was fun, but there isn't anything that special to blog about. ... We carved pumpkins, dressed up, trick or treated, ate candy. So I decided to post pictures of the past four years of Halloween for your viewing pleasure. Look how much the girls have grown. And do you think Ella and Gabrielle look alike, or not? Michelle as a fairy at 17 months old... her first time trick or treating. October 2004

Ella as a turtle at 6 months old... October 2005

Ella, Michelle (as a giraffe) and I... October 2005

Ella as a giraffe and Michelle as Snow White... October 2007 (I can't find any pictures of Halloween 2006 at the moment... Ella was a poodle and Michelle was a lion)

Ella as a pirate princess... Rock on me, hearties! Rock on. Ahoy there, matey, let's go. Halloween 2008

Michelle as Hannah Montana this year... She was happy with her haul.

Ella, me, Gabrielle and Michelle (Hannah Montana)