Wednesday, November 12, 2008

tres meses

Gabrielle is now 3 months old (yesterday). She is getting so big and strong. I can't believe how fast time is going. She is now trying very hard to sit up on her own. She can't yet, but if you put her in her car seat without the buckles, she sure tries to pull herself up. Here's a couple of shots of her efforts to sit up.

Look how far she is able to pull herself up! She is so strong.
At three months, she smiles and coos all the time. If you say "hola" slowly she imitates the shape of your mouth like she will echo it back to you. She laughs more and more often. She still laughs the most for Alfredo, but I have some success at getting her to laugh now. She loves her hands. She loves to suck on her fingers and just stare at her hands. She still sleeps curled on her side.
We love our sweet Gabrielle! She brings so much joy to our home!
(Funny side note: Since Ella was sick on Monday, I stayed home from work yesterday. I took Ella and Gabrielle with me to take Michelle to school and then we stopped at my school to finish up lesson plans for my sub. One of the teachers saw Gabrielle and told me how beautiful my girls are. She said I'm so good at making babies that I should have at least a dozen more. :) She said, "Anyone who can have a baby on a couch should have a housefull." LOL!)