Wednesday, November 12, 2008

kindergarten drama

Michelle talks a lot about all of her friends at school. (I'm thrilled because that was one of my concerns about not sending her to the neighborhood school. Would she make friends? Would she be happy?) She has mentioned her friends from after school program quite a bit: Sergio, Brenda and Donna. Yesterday her after school teacher told me that Michelle thinks Sergio is cute. Brenda overheard and said that Michelle always sits by Sergio and that they like each other.

Today I asked Michelle about Sergio. She said, "He is SOO mean. He is not my friend any more. He is not cute." I asked what he did. She said that he said something mean about Brenda and Donna's mom (they are sisters). So Brenda was sad. Michelle told the teacher and told Sergio not to be mean. So her 5 year old crush is over. . . . At least for today.