Sunday, November 9, 2008

silly things my kids say

10/20: This morning when I asked Ella what she wanted for breakfast, her response was "mocos" (Spanish word for boogers... I don't know if I spelled it right.)

10/20: My girls were obviously being silly this morning because when I asked Michelle what she wanted for breakfast (I don't usually ask, but I'm off and there was no hurry to go anywhere this morning), Michelle, who is totally into spelling right now and who spells real words and made up words said," I want to eat h - e - l. What is that Mommy?" I said, "What do you think it spells?" She said she didn't know and I said it was just a made up word, but it made me laugh.

8/11: When Michelle came to the hospital to see me, she climbed on the bed and asked if there was another baby in my tummy. I said no. She said, "Then why is your tummy so big still?"

8/11: (This one was told to me by Janene): As they drove to the hospital, Ella kept saying to herself...We're going to see Gabielle, no Danielle. i think we named her Gabielle or was it Danielle. Danielle? Gabielle? ... (By the way, this isn't a spelling's how Ella pronounces Gabrielle, without the r.)

8/31: My sister asked Michelle, "Why don't you give me a kiss?" Michelle did and then responded, "Why don't you give me money?"