Sunday, November 23, 2008

our new family member

We adopted a new family member from Alfredo's boss yesterday. His name is Chester and he is a borador (border collie and black labrador mix). His mom is a border collie; his dad a lab. He is 7 months old. Alfredo's boss' son has asthma/allergies and the dog was exacerbating the problem, so they needed to pass him on to a new family. Alfredo has been trying to talk me into taking him for a week or so now. He originally told me that his boss had emailed me and to read the email and tell him what I thought. So I checked my email and it says that they have a dog that they need to give away. Attached is a picture of a 4 year old boy playing in the snow. I went to Alfredo and said, "I don't get it. Is it some kind of joke? Because I don't understand." He came and saw the email and said there must have been a mistake made, but that his boss wanted to give away his dog and was I interested in getting it? I must admit that I was surprised. Alfredo has always said we wouldn't get a dog... and if we did it would definitely not be until the girls were older and could help take care of it. Now he was trying to talk me into a dog?!

My main thoughts on the matter were that a dog would provide one more mouth to feed, one more living thing to clean up after, one more thing to train and teach. Almost like having another child. With a full time job and 3 kids (one a newborn), I'm still not sure if I'm up to having a dog. But the girls and Alfredo fell in love with Chester and last night he made our home his own. He'll be a (mostly? entirely?) outdoor dog. And he seems very nice. He needs more training but I think he'll be a nice dog. But I'm still filled with mixed feelings, I must admit. So all of you dog lovers, reassure me. Tell me how much I'll grow to love this dog and how good it will be for my kids and such. (Don't lie and say it won't be more work or anything, just tell me all the good parts of having a dog! Please!) He is cute.