Thursday, August 20, 2009

favorite things swap

I participated in Kelly's favorite things swap. My partner was
Sam from Washington. It has been so fun to get to know her. She is amazingly talented at quilting and sewing. She was so generous. For the swap, you are supposed to send 3 of your favorite things to your partner. She went above and beyond and sent me incredible things.

Here is what I found when I opened the box...everything wrapped and so cute!

And here is what was inside... chocolate from Germany as well as kisses and mint patties. Three crayon roll ups for my three girls...these are awesome...they have spots for the crayons and for a small pad of paper and my girls drew with them for about a half hour at church last week. They are wonderful!!! She made me this darling flower purse. She also made a tiny first aid kit purse which is small and portable but totally useful! She also sent some lotion and a list taker (a notepad with a beautiful's so nice.) I love everything! Thank you Sam, thank you!

And here's what I sent her... my favorite book of the past 6 months... The Hunger Games. It's one I couldn't put down. (Thank you so much for recommending it Brandi! Did I tell you I loved it? Did I tell you that almost everyone in my book club has read it and loved it?! Thanks!) I sent her my favorite chocolates, Lindor Milk Chocolates (sorry they melted...hope they were still edible, Sam!) I sent her two tiny scented candles (which I love for my bathroom) and some hot chocolate (which I drink year round). I also made her several cards using my Cricut machine (which I love but don't have near enough time to use! Where did my summer go?!)

This was so fun, and especially getting to know Sam. I can hardly wait to participate next year!