Friday, August 28, 2009


Two notes about Michelle to share:

First, Alfredo pulled her other front tooth on Thursday night. She now has no front teeth on top. We'd sing the song "All I Want for Christmas" but I'm pretty sure they will grow in long before Christmas! :)

Second, on Friday, as we were leaving to go to babysitter's and school and work, the radio was on (unusual...we usually listen to CD's) and a news report came on about the girl who was kidnapped 18 years ago from Lake Tahoe, CA. I quickly changed the radio station as I don't like them to hear about stuff like that. But Michelle had heard the little clip, just as much as me. The whole way to school she peppered me with questions. Who took the girl? Did she miss her mommy? Did her mommy miss her? How did they find her? Was it a man or woman that took her? And on and on. Since I had only heard the quick news clip that she'd heard, I didn't have answers for most of her questions, but I answered the ones I could. After a few minutes of thinking, she said, "Mommy, it couldn't have been a woman that took her, because women are good and love kids." Somehow that made my heart so happy. She has been blessed to have so many good women role models that love her and that are good and kind... her grandmas, teachers at school and church, neighbors, babysitters, etc. I am so grateful that she still believes that all women are good and that she has had mostly positive experiences in her life. Not that she thinks men are bad. She has a wonderful dad and grandpas, but as a young child, I think she has had more women influence her than men. Anyway, this brought tears to my eyes when she said it. And because she wanted to know about it, I watched the news and gave her a few more details and tried to help her understand the basics of what happened and what we do to keep her safe. (But how can you really understand a kidnapping like that? It's so horrible that things like this do happen to any child or person!) She is such a sweet girl with a sensitive heart.