Thursday, August 20, 2009

so much to post, so little energy

So I have about 6 posts I want to do, but since Tuesday I have been sick. I've come home from work and crashed each night. Today was a half day and I got home at 2 and slept for 2 hours before picking my kids up from the babysitter. I feel the tiniest bit better but am just wiped out. I have had a sore throat and headache for 3 days. I'm exhausted and a little dizzy. On Tuesday and Wednesday I was freezing...shivering all day despite wearing a jacket. I have the day off tomorrow and had grand plans of going to the children's museum or the zoo or something fun with the kids...a last hurrah before Michelle starts school next week. I think we may spend the day on the couch, reading books and watching movies. Cooking dinner and doing the few dishes wiped me out for the night. And it was an easy meal and there were only about 15 dishes. I hope whatever this is will go away soon. But thank heavens, no one else in my family has gotten it. (Cross my fingers that stays true!)