Monday, August 24, 2009

Proud Mommy Monday: Night Before School

Twas the night before school
and all through the house,
no children were stirring
Nor was my spouse.
I'd planned and prepared
and gotten things ready
so that I could sleep
when I slipped into bed-y.
The clothes were layed out
for my children's next day
Backpack and lunch for Michelle
And toys for Ella (& Gabby) to play.

I wrote in students' journals
then packed up my stuff
made teacher survival kits
had I done enough?
Tomorrow would come oh so
early and then
by preparing now
we wouldn't rush around then.

Off to the first day
at half past seven
If I'm organized now,
the morning is like heaven.
But if I don't prepare
chaos will reign
and crying and shouting will be heard
causing such pain.

So my Proud Mommy Moment
is that I got everything done
So I don't have to wake up
Much earlier than the sun!

(Okay, so I know that is pretty cheesy... I am no poet. So poetry is not my proud Mommy Moment... silliness, maybe! :))
But as I explained in my goofy poem, I worked hard tonight to be totally ready for tomorrow. Michelle's hair is in curlers. Clothes are all ironed and layed out, lunch is packed, bags are ready for Ella and Gabby and I even made teacher survival kits for Michelle's two teachers. It was a great idea I got from my friend Aly last year, and I'm glad that I remembered to do them again this year.

Since Gabrielle was born and Michelle started school last year, this has been something I've worked on... planning ahead, being organized the night before, having everything packed up and ready to go. Three kids require a bunch of stuff and the more I get done the night before, the better the morning goes for all of us. I get cranky and snappy when we are running late, so I know that if I get things ready we'll all have a happier morning.

And the proudest part of my Proud Mommy Monday? Michelle wrote a note for her new Spanish teacher in Spanish. I helped her spell 2 of the words (mostly just sounding them out with her) but she decided what to write.
It says, "You Quiero Mucho Ms. Bustillo" "De Michelle" (translation I love a lot Ms. Bustillo. From Michelle) (She means I love you a lot but left out the you.) Just as a quick review, I asked her to name a bunch of colors and shapes and solids in Spanish...totally a breeze (except a couple of harder colors, gray and brown and I think one other). She is so excited for the first day.

If you have a Proud Mommy Monday Moment, check out my friendShannon's blog. She is the creator of this fun weekly event. I am glad she started it, because it has made me think lately a lot about what I am doing right as a mom. It is easy to focus on the mistakes we make and so I'm glad to take a few minutes each week to reflect on the good things I do. And I also have to say that as I go through my week, it has made me several times stop what I was doing and think, "Ooh, this would NOT be a proud Mommy moment, better change what I'm doing." So thanks for starting this Shannon! It has been good for me...and so fun to read other people's positive moments. Even if you don't want to participate, go check out her moment and the links to other people''s good to see the great things other moms are doing!