Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Teacher Survival Kits

So, due to demand, I will happily tell what we put in the teacher survival kits. There are tons of ideas out there (just google "teacher survival kits" and see all the ideas that come up.) I mostly used ideas I found on google, and then made a cute card for it. And I just threw everything in a gift bag with tissue paper...I'm not creative enough to have a cute box or bag with ribbon. Anyway, here's what it had/said:

Teacher Survival Kit
Eraser: because everyone makes mistakes
Pens: because you write on our children's minds and hearts
Hugs and kisses: for when you need a hug
Mounds: for the mounds you teach
Almond Joy: so you and the students will have a year filled with joy
Starburst: for a burst of energy
Tissues: to wipe away tears
Gum: for an "Extra" great year and for "extra" patience
Lotion: to wash away the germs and dirt
Hand sanitize: to sanitize your hands, but never your heart

Her English teacher wasn't in when we went before school, but she delivered the bag to her Spanish teacher and got a hug. Her classrooms are both very cute and child friendly and I think it will be a great year. I'm at work but I'll post photos when I get home.