Tuesday, August 25, 2009

first day of first grade

Michelle had a great first day. What did she love? Seeing her friends (she was worried that her friends Mia, Iree, Liliana and others would not be back this year.) Lunch (both the lunch I packed and playing outside). Her teacher is funny and so nice. What didn't she like? School was too short! :)They are only having half days this week and it went way too fast.

Her English teacher, Miss Finerfrock, and I both used to work at Mountain View (neither of us do now). Last spring she told Michelle that she had gone to my baby shower when I was pregnant with Michelle. Michelle reminded me of that and said that her teacher already knew her name and that she loves her teacher. She didn't get to go to Ms. Bustillo's room today, but she will tomorrow and she is so excited.

Also, we got a letter that the schedule will be a little different this year. I'm excited about the schedule and think it will really be great for the kids. She will be with her English teacher from 8:15-11:15 to do English Language literacy (and the native Spanish speakers will be with the Spanish teacher to do Spanish Language literacy). Then they have lunch. From 11:50-12:15, they are in mixed language groups for science and social studies. Then from 12:15-1:30 they are also in mixed language groups for math. (Some days they will do science/social studies/math in English and some days in Spanish.) Then from 1:30-1:45 is recess. From 1:45-2:45 is Spanish Language Literacy and oral language development. So she will get about 3 hours of reading and writing in English daily to really get a solid foundation in English, but she will also have an hour DAILY in Spanish reading and writing. I think this schedule will be awesome! I was so impressed with all that she learned last year in Spanish, and I think this year will be just as amazing. And best of all, she loves her school and her friends and her teachers. Hooray!