Friday, August 21, 2009

out with the old, in with the new

paint and furniture that is....

In July, Alfredo repainted our living room and we bought new curtains to match. The living room had been purple for 6 years and while we liked the color, we were ready for a change. So we picked out two shades, taupe for the walls and cream for the trim and entryway. We changed all the trim to a fancier one also. And we bought cream and chocolate curtains.
Here's a photo of the old color.

And here's a couple of the new color.
A funny (well, not at the time, but funny now) story: Alfredo has spray painted the railing several times, no big deal. We decided to spray paint it chocolate this time to match the curtains and our new beautiful mirror and a few other accents. Anyway, he bought a different brand than normal. He covered the immediate area with plastic and went to town spray painting. We played outside until he was done and it was time for bed. I came inside and went to the kitchen...there was a layer of paint all over the kitchen counters...and the kitchen floor and the living room carpet and really everywhere that wasn't covered by plastic...and splatters of spray paint on the newly painted walls. We had a huge job shampooing the carpet and scrubbing the kitchen floor and counters. But now, it looks great. :)

Alfredo bought our kitchen table more than 10 years ago, back before we even met, let alone got married. It is on the small side, glass, and only has 4 chairs. We are now a family of 5 (although Gabrielle doesn't "sit" at the table yet...she's in a booster chair, so we would be okay for probably another year without a seat for her). Also, we often have others over for dinner. Our glass table doesn't comfortably seat more than 4 and tops 6. So we decided that for a combined anniversary gift we would purchase a kitchen table that sat 6+. So 2 weeks ago, we became the proud owners of a new dining room set. I love it!

The old table...

And the new one....

Isn't it beautiful?!